Price: $26,000

Seller: Mr. John Weibel
State: North Dakota
City: Bismarck
Zip code: 58501
Type: Cars

Purchased in as shown here. Nothing routine regular maintenance over 24 years.. Cars like this at 98% OEM status gaining market value yearly. Time to buy one is now. First in Class awards at British Car Club shows. Dont want to sell but age and retirement lifestyle demand it. Refurbished in mid 80s including OEM color repaint. Records available. Engine overhaul by local experienced mechanic. Paperwork available. With 1,000 miles runs now as good as new! Paint condition excellent with some small nicks and blemishes not visible until looked for. Small pimple on inside left engine cover also not noticeable unless looked for. Five year old windshield crack not grown worse over time. Windshield washer motor is not working. Interior all original to best of my knowledge. Driver seat back lumbar cushioning deteriorated but still comfortable. Michelin Red Lines all good, having good tread depth and no unusual wear patterns or sidewall cracking. - See more at: